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Monique S. Robinson received a BA from Wilberforce University; Psychology, M. Ed from Concordia University-Portland; Educational Leadership, and Ed.S from Northcentral University. While teaching some of the most memorable projects done by her scholars include the Living Wax Museum, Flat Stanley going to college to an HBCU, and implementing the Performing Arts in lesson delivery. In addition, in 2009 she was honored with the Teacher of the Year award for Imagine Schools, district, and region for her contributions to education.

M. Robinson is the founder of A Better Chance for Youth Futures Inc., an organization that promotes Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Consulting for scholars to prepare them for college. M. Robinson is currently hosting a weekly podcast, is a motivational speaker, and a children’s book author, and provides workshops for parents to understand the process of sending their scholars to school debt-free.

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I hope the affirmations that you read on my pages will bring you confidence, encouragement, and much success. Let’s have a sense of Expectancy!

Monique Robinson
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Affirmations for a CEO on the Move is designed to encourage, uplift, and elevate your thinking as you step forward into your power, purpose, and destiny.


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