I inhale confidence with every breath

by | Nov 17, 2021 | A New Beginning | 0 comments

I have confidence in my abilities and in myself. My past accomplishments fuel my confidence. I expect to accomplish great things in the future. 

The more life experience I gain, the more confidence I have at my disposal.

My confidence and courage grow when I take action. I find this is the best way to overcome fear and build self-confidence. 

I face the things I fear the most.

Every action I take makes me feel more capable and sure of myself. 

It is as if I can absorb confidence from everything around me. My confidence grows through life itself.

My natural state is one of confidence.

I deal with setbacks and temporary failures calmly and joyfully. The lessons I learn increase my confidence and my ability to be more successful in the future.

Today, I am feeling more confident than ever before. I am taking on new challenges with the expectation of success. 

I allow confidence to fill my mind and body. With each breath, I inhale confidence and exhale doubts.


1. When do I struggle to feel confident? Why?

2. What can I do to be more confident in those situations?

3. When do I feel the most confident? Why?


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