Affirmations for a Woman on a Mission

Affirmations for a Woman on a Mission Journal is designed to encourage, uplift, and elevate a woman’s thinking as she steps forward into her power, purpose, and destiny.  

Daily journaling has helped many women process their emotions, relieve stress, and identity negative thinking patterns.  Journals create a safe space for complete transparency that leads to healing and transformation.  It is also helpful to inspire creativity, boost memory, keeping thoughts organized in order to set and reach goals. 

Join me and 35 powerful women from around the globe as they share transformative affirmations, quotes, and tips that propelled them into success.  With an affirmation journal, you’ll find yourself getting excited to write because the process will be easier and more enjoyable. Try out this journal for a month.


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International Best Selling Author

My goal/purpose is to help you maximize profits in your life and business through education on accounting and tax fundamentals as a Certified Public Accountant.

Nicole Freeman Kirkland

You, yes you, whatever led you to read these words written upon these pages; may you find them uplifting and encouraging.

Crystal Reese

To the women who is overwhelmed and overworked. Its so important to allow yourself to be motivated and encouraged daily whether you go to God in prayer, read your favorite book or you listen to your podcast.

Jessica Toodle

I am so thankful that you selected this journal to read and I hope I have impacted your life in a positive way. My affirmations are the quotes that I created out of life experiences.

Dr. Tadzia Dennis


Erica Fulton


Alicia Bowens

The affirmation says, “I am the shift.” Being the shift means that when you move everything around you and connected to you must also move as well. It means that you are a force that can change your atmosphere. 

Aleshia Brown

I would love to encourage everyone to be the best version of themselves. It can start with just a 10-sec breathing session or having something to eat first. I want to impact people’s lives by helping them to a better life and bringing awareness to helping animals.

Candice Gilligan

I pray this book encourages you and inspires you to never give up. Continue to soar to your highest potential. I hope this inspires you that you can do it too. I pray you to continue to pursue your purpose. 

Shanail Mitchell

We become what we speak and ultimately, our words frame our world! An affirmation can change your life. This affirmation was birthed out of a season of internal struggle where I learned that changing your thought life is a continuous process and oftentimes we need help during the times we feel like we can’t see a way out.  

Rachel Hill

I want to educate and inspire my audience about fibromyalgia. It is a REAL medical condition!

KJ Montgomery

In life, we all try to be perfect in all areas of our life. But a lot of times life has other plans for us. It’s alright to not have everything planned out in advance or to do everything perfectly.

LeTysha Montgomery

I hope that you will take time on your journey to react to the legacy of leadership, love, laughter, compassion, courage, and hope that you want to instill in others as a woman on a mission.

Marquetta Finley

It is my goal that everyone that reads this understands that you are here for a reason. Each one of us has been put here for a purpose.

Gwen Goolsby Tillery

I remind myself often of the scripture, in Psalms 23:2- 3 “He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet water, he restores my soul.”

Liz Hoop


Kendra Shealey

I hope you found the advice I shared beneficial and helpful. The majority of the women I serve have decided to turn their hobby or expertise into a business while still working their 9-5!

Tonya Cross

You are here for a reason. Your mission is part of the beautiful expression of who you are. Following your calling is just about taking that next little step. That’s all that’s needed. And then you take another step, and then another one.

Adele Wang

I would like to encourage you to be the change you so desire to see. Everything thing you are looking for is already inside of you. I want to challenge you to wake it up.

Collette Conner

I believe you have the ability to excel in any and every area of your life. That is why I work closely with high-performing individuals in designing strategies that build confidence and releases creativity.

Angela Scott

I hope to encourage everyone that’s listening that if you’re feeling any sense of stagnation, any sense of there has to be more to my life, any sense of voids. That the pages I press upon your hearts today be open to change, where you’ll be ready to tap into yourself to access your unlimited potential!!

Kelly Brown


Felicia Grimes

Let me encourage you to look to God for direction. He is always ready to help us along. I learned to know the voice of God and because I did my life changed so much. Do you want to know what is right for you? Then work on your discernment, you will be so thankful that you did.

Adrienne Brown

Hey beautiful, I see you and you are Omazing
I’m your sister and I am here to encourage you to pause and B.R.E.A.T.H.E. Believe in yourself No Matter What
Release negative people, places, and things.

Obioma Martin


Sherri Reeves

I hope you use this journal and the affirmation to their fullest potential to motivate, inspire, and encourage you today, & for many years to come.

Tunishia Dickerson

I would love for you to know that you can do anything you dream of. A reminder that you matter and you have the power to be great.

Shana Gourdine

My affirmation was written with you in mind. As a women empowerment speaker, I find women often lose their “fight”. We actually do get weary in well-doing. My prayer is that as you read this affirmation your spirit is awakened to “RISE UP” and remember who you are and whose you are. 

Tiffany Feagins

Let me share a tip with you. The market is Never too Saturated for the Gifts that you have to offer.

Remember that there may be a lot of people that sell what you sell or do what you do but there’s only one original you.

Tina Ramsay

Sharmin Prince

I specialize in helping people just like you, overcome the obstacles keeping them from accomplishing their goals and dreams. Every successful goal plan requires clear focus, burning motivation, and effective action steps to reach the next level. The ammunition I chose addresses the burning motivation that is needed to be successful.

Aikyna Finch

Cherese Talena Skye Bracey

I know how it feels to be stuck. To have barriers that prevent you from moving forward. I struggled with a low self-image that stemmed from being a special ed student. I searched for years to overcome my self-limiting beliefs. It was emotionally paralyzing.

Terri Brinston