Parenting with Uncommon Courage

As an adult, we get the liberty of choosing who we spend our time with. We don’t have parents

imposing rules on us or telling us how much television we should watch or how much time on social media is healthy. But as a child, these are all things that adults control and decide for us before giving us any thought.

Children are all the same. They like to play and explore the world around them. But they also have a lot of free time that is not accounted for. As children, we are not able to make our own decisions about what we want to do when we have free time. That is why it becomes important for parents or guardians to guide their children in order for them to be able to find their passions and grow in life.

We all have mentors who have helped us in some way, whether it be career or personal. I have had the honor of being mentored by many individuals and families who are now deceased. I am

grateful for their influence on my life, and the lessons they taught me will stay with me forever. That all started because my mother made the courageous decision of choosing an adoption plan for me. She made this choice because she wanted a better life for me than she could provide herself, and it is something that I am grateful for every day of my life.

I would not be where I am today without her bravery and love.

In this book, we share the lessons learned during our own parenting journeys. My hope is that these lessons will help other parents who are not sure if they should parent their child with more love or more boundaries.

I am a parent myself and have learned from experience that we must care for our children and set limits for them, but our love for them must always come first. I saw that many parents don’t know how to do this and are unsure of what to do with their parenting.

This book is my hope to offer struggling parents the same hope I found in Christ Jesus when it comes to parenting.

Together, we can all be Parents with Uncommon Courage!


International Best Selling Author

I intend to inspire and empower you to become unstoppable! The dreams we have, have a greater purpose. It is our subconscious way of guiding us to the path of enlightenment.

Consuela Hall

Congratulations on becoming a parent and creating a new life! As you embark on your parenting journey, remember to prioritize the quality of your relationship with your child, grow with them, become collaborative problem-solvers, and thrive in the joy of parenting without power struggles.

Cara Tyrrell

God’s grand purpose for His glorious creation includes you and your family. Family is God’s idea. Your family exists by God’s divine design and has significance not only for the here and now but for all eternity.

Gladys Nelson

I hope that you have found the information I shared helpful to you as you follow down the journey of parenthood. I certainly enjoyed writing it.

Dr. Theresa Gatling

God gave me an aspiration to share with other women who might be going through Postpartum Depression. God loves us, and He chose us specifically for that battle.

Edith Kelly Oliver

Being a single parent requires courage and strength. I want to share my single-parent journey with you in hopes that it will inspire and encourage you to push through the hard times.

Shaquan McNeill

Just as God has given me the courage to do the unthinkable every day without fear, as a parent, He will equip and empower you to do the same.

Clarissa Evans

I pray that by sharing my story of what being a courageous parent means to me that it will encourage you to step out of the box and listen to your gut

Brandi Thompson

I am inherently committed to the emboldening of women, particularly military spouses, facilitating for them all, an opportunity of hope.

Dr. Josephine Harris

To reach God’s eternal kingdom, we must know Jesus Christ and have a genuine relationship with Him. Let us accept Him in our hearts, live purposefully, and teach our children to love Him

Ashley Robertson

Dorothy Wilson


Vera Thomas