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Parenting with Uncommon Courage is Brought to You by Best-Selling Visionary Author: Tiffany D. Bell and the Publisher of Purpose: Jesus, Coffee, and Prayer.

Journey with Extraordinary Leaders from around the GLOBE

From Alaska to South Africa to Mississippi & Beyond:

Meet 30 Dynamic Women of Faith who have OVERCOME in every sense of the word.

It’s Time to Rise Up

In Faith
In Love &
In Courage

We All Could Use A Little Extra Courage in this Season
The Courage to REMOVE All that Hinders
The Courage to STEP out on Faith &
The Courage to Move BOLDLY in our Calling

Join these BOLD Leaders & Women of Faith as they transparently share the Courage REQUIRED to TRANSFORM a Nation!



International Best Selling Author

It is my desire to
encourage you through my life experience raising my son as a single parent from the time he was six
months old.

Vera Thomas

Hi, my name is Jane.

Jane Soltes

Congratulations on becoming a parent! You created a new life and you are their future.

Cara Tyrrell

I encourage you to get to know your children and be
intentional about developing a relationship with them when they are young.

Dr. Theresa Gatling

As a military spouse, I was challenged, and God gave me wisdom to
have unconditional love for my bonus children.

Dr. Josephine Harris


God’s grand purpose for His glorious creation includes you and your family. Family is God’s idea. Your family exists by God’s divine design and has significance not only for the here and now but for all eternity.

Gladys Nelson